Saving lives with photography

The San Bernardino County, California, high kill shelter in Devore needs to take a lesson from this. Apparently the director of the “shelter” has been quoted saying that the bad, pitiful pictures they have on their site encourage people to hurry in and adopt. BULL SHIT!

In my recent obsessing over rescue dogs, and dogs in general, I ran across Seth Casteel’s site and this slide show on the site. I found that he was the one who shot the dogs underwater pictures and that he is really quite a famous photographer. Yes, I live under a rock – no TV there.

These faces in the “after” pictures look like healthy, adoptable animals that are capable of love and not fear. A rescue organization that takes this to heart is German Shepherd Rescue of Orange County. Their pictures are great and show adoptable, loving animals; not sick, fearful, pitiful animals that may carry psychological problems with them. Please take a look and spread the word to shelters and rescues. -steps off soapbox; gets tissue…